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Remember the American television sitcom called I Love Lucy that starred Lucille Ball? This was a super popular TV show and ruled for almost a decade in 1950s. The main character of this sitcom – Lucy – was married to the singer and bandleader Ricky (Desi Arnez) on the show, who also happened to be her real life husband. Lucy was best known for her weird knack for always getting into one trouble after another and kept the audiences laughing with her slapstick-style comedy.

Welcome to ILoveLucyCostume.Com, where becoming your favorite red head, or one of her cast mates, has never been simpler or more fun!  Lucille Ball was and is an iconic legend of the silver screen, beloved most for her role as Lucy Ricardo, playing the mischievous wife of band leader Ricky Ricardo, who was played by her real life husband, Desi Arnaz.

The show that bears Lucy’s name is still popular today – I Love Lucy!  Americans and others around the globe have had a love affair with Lucy and her antics for decades and dressing in an I Love Lucy Costume for Halloween is a great way to get your fifties groove on!  Some ideas:

-          Lucy Ricardo.  The main I Love Lucy costume that sells out quickly each year is the Lucy Ricardo costume. This costume consists of a period style house dress, white gloves, and of course, that fiery red wig!  If you have a baby or toddler, you can always dress him up as Lucy’s son, Little Ricky, by choosing period style toddler or baby clothing.

-          Ricky Ricardo.  He’s loud and he’s Latin and he’s larger than life when you choose to become Ricky Ricardo with your I Love Lucy costume.  This costume usually has Ricky in his tuxedo, ready to direct his band at the club.

-          Ethel Mertz.  Ethel is not only Lucy’s landlord, but also her best friend.  An Ethel inspired I Love Lucy costume would look much like the Lucy costume, but Ethel was a blondish/gray, so you’ll need a different color wig.  This is a great option if you want to go as a group.

-          Fred Mertz. Stuffy old Fred is married to Ethel and although he is a bit grumpy, he makes up the pair of four friends.  To dress like Fred you’ll need period clothing and suspenders.

These are just a few ideas for an I Love Lucy costume party.  Thank you for stopping by ILoveLucyCostume.Com for ideas and tips to get your fifties-sitcom mood going on!

Since the time this show called I Love Lucy hit the airwaves, Halloween costumes based on this show has been a favourite choice with a lot of people. Cute, sweet and a bit crazy, opting for a Lucy costume conveys it to everyone that you do have a great sense of humour and you are brave enough to ham it up. Last year saw actress Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin dressed up in this comedy duoLisa was spotted wearing a Lucy costume with a black shirtwaist style dress having white coloured polka-dots on it, pearl jewellery, a white coloured apron and the famous red wig of Lucy full of pin curls. Harry was only required to wear a black coloured pin-stripe suit with dark hairs that were slicked back for a Ricky Ricardo impression.

You can easily buy a Lucy costume in many online stores. The Lucy costume set includes a white peasant blouse, a full & gathered skirt, which is belted at the waist and also included is a scarf tied around the signature red hair. If you want to give an additional fun touch to your Lucy costume, you may want to go barefoot & stain your feet purple. And the last trick to look the most authentic Lucy ever would be to carry a glass of red wine with you all through the party.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing your I Love Lucy costume requires thinking like a fifties fashionista. Lucille Ball was among the most beautiful women of her era, and she was also among the most well-dressed – everyone literally loved her and her outfits, her style and her accessories. Strings of pearls, fifties style handbags and “pocketbooks” and clunky shoes with a square heel are all good choices for bringing home your Lucy look. And don’t forget: if you don’t have a coif of brilliant red hair, then you can always purchase an I Love Lucy wig to get the same fifties knockout hairstyle as Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy.

Measuring for Your Costume

You will love, love, love your I Love Lucy costume if you get the right fit from the start. Not all costumes run the same when it comes to sizing, and can vary widely by manufacturer. Going by your dress size works sometimes when choosing costumes, but not always. That’s why it makes good sense to measure yourself before buying. Take your waist, hips and chest measurements, and compare them to the measurements for the costume. These measurements are usually found on the product page, or in the product’s size chart, which can be a clickable link on the page with the product.

Why should you restrict your inspiration to just cartoons, you could also choose from your favorite sitcom character. One that has never gone out of style is the I Love Lucy costume. Since these are so popular, you will have to have yours booked well in advance. You will have a 60s styled period dress and a pair of white gloves to make up the costume. And of course to finish the look, you will need a wig of Lucy’s fiery red locks. If you have a little child, you could make it a family affair and have him dress up as little Ricky.

I Love Lucy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is not only about ghouls, witches and ghosts, but this is that time of the year which is a perfect time to have an excuse to dress up as anything and everything. The costume choices are innumerable; from animals to fairies to your favourite characters from television and movies.

Why not travel back in time this Halloween to the glorious days of TV and dress up yourself in one of the iconic and most popular characters in whole TV history? Yes we are talking about Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo, from the super famous I Love Lucy show.

Lucy Halloween costume perfectly recreates the Lucy’s typical fifties housewife style. The costume set includes Lucy’s trademark white and blue polka-dot dress. No Lucy costume can be complete without a white Apron with vintage fringe and thus is a part of every Lucy costume.

Just as the Lucy dress is incomplete without an apron, the Lucy looks are incomplete without a red hair wig. So make sure you invest a small amount in getting a Lucy wig if it is not included in your costume set.

Lucy was a star not only for one TV series but 4. Lucy took the centre stage at a time when  only men used to rule the screen, so in that sense she is also a role model for all women who want to prove that this is not only men’s world.

When else would you get a chance to bask in the adorable Lucy’s glory? Old and young, female and male, everyone loves Lucy. Thus, bring the hilarity, love and the brilliance of this idol to your Halloween gathering this season and let everybody fall in love all over again.

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